Platforms that are supported :

After engine is created, basicly you need to do these steps to get started.

  • Insert the Data to the system
  • Access the Data from the System

Please follow below instructions according to your engine type.



For detail steps, please refer to Altoshift API documentation.

  1. Get your API Token from Search Engines -> Engine Setup -> Token menu in Altoshift Dashboard.
  2. Send your data structure to Altoshift using Sync Custom Fields endpoint
    Before sending the data itself, you need to send the structure / organization information of your data. Basically the list of attributes / fields as well as their types. This is when you can add more fields other than the default ones that have been created. Send only fields that are necessary for search instead of all fields in your database. You only need to do this once or whenever there's change in your fields list or type.
    After this is done, you can see your updated fields in Search Engines -> Performance Settings -> Custom Rankings -> Mapping Field
  3. Send your data using Upsert endpoint
    Prepare your data in JSON format. You can update / insert data individually or in bulk. You can check if the data has been indexed in Altoshift system by searching it in Search Engines -> Engine Setup -> Index Search. You can also clear all data from this menu.
  4. Set your Searchable Attributes
    By default, only "title" is made searchable. Please refer to Searchable Attributes to add more fields.
  5. Optimize your search features


  1. Install Altoshift Plugin on Woocommerce Admin
  2. go to Woocommerce -> settings -> Altoshift -> Layer and paste the Layer Script, and thick the enable search layer
  3. go to Woocommerce -> settings -> Altoshift -> Data Feed and Copy the Url Feed path
  4. Register to Altoshift Dashboard
  5. Create Engine (Choose Woocommerce)
  6. Go to Data Source, add The url, and click Process
  7. Go to Search Layer Copy Search Layer Script



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Setting the Attributes#


Searchable Attributes#

You can select which attributes are made searchable by users. Under Search Engines -> Performance Settings -> Searchable Attributes menu, select a field under Field pulldown menu and Add. You can set the weight of each attribute according to the priority (the larger the weight value the higher the priority). In the following example of a bookstore site, title and publisher are set to be searchable with title being at higher priority.

Searchable Attributes

Upon user query for a keyword “star”, there are two matching books as follows:

Book 1: Title: “Intro to Calculus” Publisher: Star Publishing Company

Book 2: Title: “Life of a movie star” Publisher: Hollywood Entertainment

Here, the query “star” matches with publisher in Book 1 and with title in Book 2. Since title is set at a higher priority than publisher, Book 2 will appear higher in the search result.